Experience the ultimate performance and scalability. Aplicata NVMe SSD solutions can help managers modernize data center infrastructure and make the right investment choices.

The Quattro 410 is a high performance 16-lane PCIe Gen 3 adapter that can host four M.2 NVMe drives. One of the major benefits of building storage solutions based on M.2 form factor is the freedom to freely select the drive vendor, and the ability to upgrade when higher capacity M.2 drives become available. With up to 8TB storage capacity possible today, this card provides scale-out data infrastructures with increased capacity and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry.

To enable the throughput of the PCIe Gen3 interface, the server must support PCIe bifurcation in which the 16-lane PCIe bus is split into four interfaces. Several vendors have servers that support PCIe bifurcation that can be enabled using a BIOS setting.

This true full-height half-length adapter features a full mechanical 16-lane connector which will enable it to fit in the vast majority of standard servers. For heavy workloads, the temperature of the M.2 drives can become very high which will affect the performance of the drives. To get the full benefit of the M.2 drives, the adapter ships with a passive heatsink to prevent the M.2 drives from overheating and throttling.

Product Specifications

Up to 4 M.2 2280 or 22110 NVMe drives

x16 PCI Express 3.0

Windows 10
PCI Express Specification, Rev 3.0
NVM Express Specification Rev 1.3
RoHS Directive 2002/95EC
Standard full-height half-length (FHHL) PCIe x16 form factor
4.2in (111.15mm) x 6.9in (167.65mm)

Input: 12V
Consumption: 32W (max)

300-01010 Quattro 400 M.2 NVMe SSD PCI Express x16 Adapter