Aplicata enables you to continuously innovate and tailor your cloud services through our integrated, big data aware acceleration framework.

Run a faster, more efficient cloud

Aplicata OptimaCloud™ is an integrated, big data aware framework that is purpose-built to facilitate the use of data acceleration in the cloud. With OptimaCloud, you can achieve optimum performance by harnessing the latest FPGA technology for your time-sensitive workloads.  The ultimate advantage is the ability to deploy more agile cloud services while reducing total cloud costs significantly.

Our business model

Aplicata is advancing data acceleration through an innovative Acceleration-as-a-Service business model. Our approach allows the quick deployment of integrated FPGA computing solutions without an upfront investment in application development, reducing costs significantly. Whether deployed on premise or in the cloud, Aplicata’s solutions are optimized for customers’ success.

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Key Benefits

Significant cost savings through server and storage consolidation

Purpose-built solution for existing workflows to facilitate seamless integration

Adaptable computing platform to meet evolving business needs

Combines web technology and FPGA computing for performance and scalability

Helps quickly integrate software applications with a powerful REST API

Installs very easily in your favorite Linux distribution and virtual environment

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