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The Quattro 400 allows you to increase the performance and storage capacity of your system quickly by adding more M.2 NVMe drives. This industry-leading solution based on our innovative switch architecture offers great flexibly and scalability. Customers worldwide benefit from our thoughtful product features and services to help with their everyday challenges.

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Key Benefits

Instantly increase your system’s throughput and storage capacity

Aplicata’s compact design allows it to fit almost anywhere

Provides additional PCIe ports with its low-latency switch architecture

Works like it should with most systems “right out of the box”

Here is how easy it is to install the Quattro 400 on a Dell PowerEdge R340 server with four Samsung 970 EVO SSDs
Memory Module Up to 4 M.2 NVMe drives
2280 or 22110 form factor
Host Interface x8 PCI Express Gen 3
PCI Express Fabric PEX8724
Operating System Windows 10, Windows Server, Linux, MacOS
Compliance PCI Express Specification, Rev 3.0
NVM Express Specification Rev 1.3
RoHS Directive 2002/95EC
Form Factor Standard full-height half-length (FHHL) PCIe x8 form factor
Dimensions 4.2in (111.15mm) x 6.9in (167.65mm)
Power Input: 12V
Consumption: 45W (max)
Datasheet: Quattro 400 M.2 NVMe PCIe

Whitepaper: Adopting the right NVMe solution for your application

300-01000 Quattro 400 M.2 NVMe SSD PCIe

Q. Where can I buy this product?

A. The Quattro 400 can be purchased by contacting our sales team.

Q. Is this product compatible with my motherboard?

A. The Quattro 400 is deployed on a vast variety of motherboards. All that is required is a standard PCIe x8 slot available.

Q. Does it work with the Samsung 970 EVO SSDs?

A. The Quattro 400 is interoperable with drives from all major vendors, including the Samsung PROs and EVOs.

Q. Do I need to install any software drivers?

A. No, most operating systems already support NVMe drives. Some vendors recommend using their drivers for enhanced performance.

Q. How do I install the Quattro 400?

A. Visit and subscribe to the Aplicata YouTube Channel for the latest videos and technical support.

Q. What is the warranty on this product?

A. The standard warranty is 1 year.

Q. How do I configure RAID in my system?

A. The Quattro 400 supports software RAID. On Windows or Linux, the operating system disk management utility is used for configuration.

Q. Can this product be used for real-time data recording applications?

A. The Quattro 400 is capable of sustaining high data transfer rates. You must provide adequate airflow for heat dissipation.

Q. How much airflow is required for cooling?

A. The Quattro 400 requires a minimum of 400 LFM airflow for proper operation.

Q. My system has only a PCIe x4 port available, would this product work?

A. Yes, the host interface will automatically support PCIe x4..

Q. Does this product work with PCIe Gen 2?

A. Yes, the host interface will automatically negotiate PCIe Gen 2.