Upgrade to the latest SSD technology and take your game to the next level. Our innovative NVMe solutions can help you achieve higher performance.


The Quattro 400 allows you to increase the performance and storage capacity of your system quickly by adding more M.2 NVMe drives. This industry-leading solution based on our innovative switch architecture offers great flexibly and scalability. Customers worldwide benefit from our thoughtful product features and services to help with their everyday challenges.

“The first company to bring an unlocked four-slot NVMe SSD add-in card to market.”

Tom’s Hardware
September 2017

We deliver high-quality products that are fully designed and manufactured in Canada to perform in over 200 programs worldwide.

Key Benefits

Instantly increase your system’s throughput and storage capacity

Aplicata’s compact design allows it to fit almost anywhere

Provides additional PCIe ports with its low-latency switch architecture

Works like it should with most systems “right out of the box”

Here is how easy it is to install the Quattro 400 on a Dell PowerEdge R340 server with four Samsung 970 EVO SSDs