Aplicata is enabling customer driven innovations using high-performance, energy efficient FPGA computing.

Run faster, more efficient cloud applications

Aplicata OptimaCloud™ is a fully integrated computing framework that allows more powerful and energy efficient applications whether in the private or public cloud. It harnesses the latest FPGA technologies so it outperforms classical computing.  Since OptimaCloud is purpose-built on open standards, it is ready to run on mainstream servers equipped with industry leading FPGA accelerators.

Aplicata OptimaCloud delivers proven results for high-performance computing workloads including image optimization. Enterprises already running their workloads in the cloud can leverage the capabilities of OptimaCloud acceleration services to discover savings opportunities.

Gain many business benefits

With Aplicata OptimaCloud, you can deliver more powerful applications and receive many business benefits:

  • Significant cost savings through server and storage consolidation
  • Users have the best experience in large part due to higher performance and lower latency
  • Requires no infrastructure configuration changes resulting in low administration costs
  • Most flexible FPGA computing platform for accommodating evolving requirements

Key capabilities and features

  • Combines FPGA computing and web server technology to provide performance and scalability
  • Integrates seamlessly with mobile or server applications using REST API
  • Deploys easily and consistently using Docker
  • Works instantly with a simple license activation

Request a live demo today

The demo is an easy way to see how the OptimaCloud acceleration services can be tailored to your specific needs and work in your cloud environment. All you have to do is upload your photos using a web interface, and the cloud service takes care of the rest. To book a demo or to learn more about our products and services, please send us a message to contactus@aplicata.com.